Meet the 10 finalists of the Brave New Food Startup Challenge

16 November 2022

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Top 10 startups

We proudly present the 10 finalists of the Brave New Food Startup Challenge 2022. These startups will pitch their next generation food solution on the 1st of December 2022 during the Live Partner & Pitch Event to an independent jury and over 35 established food corporates and impact investors. Which of these outstanding new brands will win this year’s Challenge? 

Top 10 startups

85 startups from 24 countries submitted their pitch for the Brave New Food Startup Challenge 2022. Our partners have independently reviewed the pitches and nominated their favorite startups.
The 10 most promising pitches from the Startup Challenge are:

Biobetter (Israel)
Biobetter’s technology, based on tobacco plant protein-expression, makes Growth Factors for alternative proteins possible.

Dishco (The Netherlands)
Dishco is a pop-up plant-based kitchen focused on serving freshly cooked daily meals from a rotating menu.

Done Properly (Chile)
Done Properly creates innovative, healthy, and sustainable bio-ingredients through fermentation for food manufacturers.

Loki Foods (Iceland)
Loki Foods makes sustainable, plant-based Arctic seafood.
Nutropy (France)
Nutropy produces milk proteins identical to those found in cow’s milk to create premium French cheeses without using any animals.
Peelon (United States)
Peelon makes biodegradable, plant-based protective coatings that extend shelf-life of fresh produce up to three times.
Rebellyous Foods (United States)
Rebellyous Foods is a food tech company that makes chicken, from plants.
Renegade Foods (United States)
Renegade Foods makes premium, organic charcuterie made from plants.
Sjakes (The Netherlands)
Sjakes are meal-smoothies that are healthy, vegan and ready within one minute.
Time Travelling Milkman (The Netherlands)
Time Travelling Milkman produce creamy, sustainable, and healthy ingredients for dairy alternatives. 

About the Startup Challenge

The Brave New Food Startup Challenge 2022 is a unique opportunity for startups. It not only grants them access to the market, but it also gives them access to capital (and therefore sustainable growth), bringing them in touch with (Dutch) impact investors for subsidies, soft loans or investments. They also get some free publicity and media exposure while they’re at it.

Brave New Food is the platform that connects people in the food industry. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for food startups, with innovative solutions that help accelerate the transition to a healthier and more sustainable food system. Only see this now, while you also would have loved to join? Be sure to keep an eye out on Company Challenges, too. We’re seeking for startups and scale-ups year-round! 

Who will be the Brave New Food Startup of the Year 2022? Find out on December 1st!