Brave New Collab: Horizon x Clear

19 September 2022

Brave New Collab: Horizon x Clear

As a corporate business, it can be a challenge to keep innovating and stay ahead of the game. As a startup, it can be a challenge to access the market and receive funding. But magic can happen when one meets the other, and they decide to join forces. This is where we proudly present to you, our Brave New Collabs.

Another match was made, not only in heaven, but at one of Brave New Food’s Open Calls – when Horizon, the regional development agency for the province Flevoland in The Netherlands, was introduced to Clear – a startup that offers a digital self-help tool for diabetes 2 patients.

A match made in heaven, and at our Open Call

Piet Hein van Dam, Chief Executive Officer at Clear: “There are a few regions in The Netherlands where the diabetes 2 rate is very high, one of them being Flevoland. Getting introduced to Horizon was a great combination, because we want to treat people where the problems are. I was looking for a partner that has a regional network and can help us roll out our product and services locally through funding”.

“Clear stood out for us”, says Inge Verschuur, Investment Manager at Horizon. After they had the chance to meet each other at Brave New Food’s Open Call for 20 minutes, they continued the conversation further and decided to keep talking about a possible collaboration.

They ended up officially joining forces. Horizon now provides money from their Proof of Concept fund, and because of that, Clear can reap the benefits by doing clinical trials in the region. This was the growth Clear was looking for. Van Dam: “In digital therapeutics, you develop a treatment that ensures reimbursement. This is where the monetization lies. To be able to do that, you need patient capital. As a company, you therefore need to have data to be able to show that your treatment works. This was exactly the fund that we’re looking for to be able to do that.”

Tips for startups

Eric Bos Waaldijk, Investment Manager at Horizon. “At Horizon we aim to create an environment that fosters long-term and sustainable international economic growth for Flevoland. We welcome every company, every entrepreneur, that wants to make a positive impact on society – especially, of course, in Flevoland. We provide money to startups that are in Flevoland, companies that are willing to (re)locate to Flevoland, or that make a direct positive impact in Flevoland.”

A variety of startups is welcome to get in touch with Horizon. Waaldijk: “At Horizon we’re quite open to a lot of startups and scale-ups. We are mostly looking for startups and scale-ups that have some degree of innovation, make an impact and have proof of concept. Every company is welcome to contact us through Brave New Food.”

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